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Bears and Your Campsite

Helpful  Tips to Avoid Problems with Bears

PA Black Bears...

An estimated 16,255 black bears inhabit Pennsylvania, so there is potential to encounter a bear while camping. Wildlife is a thrilling part of the camping experience. Help protect black bears and keep encounters positive by using these guidelines: 

• Pass up campsites with obvious signs of bear activity. 

• Keep a tidy camp. 

• Avoid bear conflicts and prevent causing problems for the next camper by not feeding bears and by doing your best to avoid attracting bears to your campsite. 

• Store all food and scented objects in sealed containers away from your tent. Suspend containers with dark cord 100 yards away; ten feet off the ground; and five feet from tree trunk. 

Loud Noises
• Wild animals typically avoid people.


Discourage a bear from snooping around your campsite by using loud noises such as blowing a whistle, yelling or banging loud objects together. Stand tall and be bold to scare off a persistent bear. 


Pennsylvania Black Bears
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